At Fitzpatricks Tarmacadam Contractors, we take pride in our ability to provide top-quality tarmac and asphalt surfacing services for car parks and driveways across Cork. With over seven decades of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation as one of the leading tarmacadam contractors in the south of Ireland.

We have worked with a diverse range of clients, both commercial and private, on projects of varying sizes and complexities, and our extensive portfolio of work is a testament to the quality of our services. Whether you are looking to construct a new car park or surfacing an existing one, we have the expertise and machinery to deliver a solution that will meet your requirements.

Our team of experienced tarmacadam contractors is among the most skilled in the business, and we pride ourselves on our ability to operate all types of heavy surfacing machinery to the highest safety standards. We understand that every project is unique, which is why we work closely with our clients to tailor our services to their specific needs.


Whether you require a new tarmac surface for a busy car park, or just need some patch and pothole repairs for an existing one, we can help. Our team has the skills and knowledge to deliver results that will stand the test of time, ensuring that your car park or forecourt surface is always fit for purpose.

At Fitzpatricks Tarmacadam Contractors, we use only the best materials for all our surfacing projects, ensuring that each surface is built to last. We understand the importance of durability when it comes to your project, which is why we are committed to delivering solutions that will withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

So if you are in need of a reliable and experienced tarmacadam contractor in Cork, look no further than Fitzpatricks. With our extensive experience, innovative solutions, and commitment to quality, we are the ideal choice for all your tarmac and asphalt surfacing needs.

Our Services

We offer a range of tarmac and paving services for:

  • Car Parks
  • Roads
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Commercial and Industrial Projects
  • Community and Sportsground Projects
  • Line Marking
  • Tar and Chip surfacing
  • Plant Hire with operators
  • Cleaning
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Tarmacadam/Tarmac is made with smaller aggregates(stones), dust, sand, and other materials bound together and is a long-lasting solution. Tarmac is the neatest surface for a driveway. We will ensure that your project is prepared to the correct levels as preparation is the most important aspect of the job. Depending on the project, we will either use one of our road-laying machines or else hand-lay to ensure a smooth finish. Tarmac is suitable for both residential and commercial areas depending on the type of traffic. Tarmac is a strong and durable surfacing material that is resilient to vehicles that are heavy. Tarmac is long-lasting and strong as well as weather resistant.

Stone Mastic Asphalt/SMA is a similar product to tarmac but is a harder-wearing material due to its mix. SMA is a more open texture surface to Tarmac. SMA surface mixes show excellent results in terms of being particularly stable and durable in traffic areas with heavier loads. SMA is more expensive than Tarmac due to a higher binder content but it can be more economical in the long term in high-traffic areas by reducing rehabilitation and extending service life. SMA is quickly becoming the chosen material on national and regional roads in Ireland, but it is becoming quite common in residential driveways. Again, depending on the project, ideally, we will either use one of our road paving machines to lay SMA, but, if the orientation of the site does not let a machine it is possible to hand lay SMA.

Hot Rolled Asphalt/HRA is a denser mixture of aggregates/stones that has a high proportion of sand, bitumen, and filler which gives it strength. HRA is generally laid with a bitumen base course underneath so essentially it is a double surface course. As a result of the denser mixture, HRA is the hardest-wearing surface available hence being very durable and water resistant. HRA is used where heavy truck loads are. Asphalt has a slick/smooth finish to it but chips can be added to the finish to provide more skid resistance. HRA is used in commercial and road projects where heavy vehicles will be travelling but we have laid HRA in private homes. HRA is machine laid.

Tar and chip is made from an application of tar and chips spread over and it is generally laid in two layers. We use specialised machinery to apply hot tar to bond the chip together to the surface. The main reason to lay this surface is that the customer can choose from a variety of chips to suit the site. Tar and chip is the cheapest of all surfaces and are very popular in domestic driveways. But, ultimately it is not as durable but it is easy to apply another layer in the future when the surface begins to wear.

One of the most significant benefits of proper groundwork and site preparation is the prevention of future issues. By assessing the soil type, ground stability, and underground risks, specialists can identify potential hazards before construction begins. This means that the project team can plan preventative measures to reduce the risk of damage or failure, saving time and expense in the long run.

We can ensure that your site is prepared to a high standard then whatever surface you choose will be long lasting, reliable, and have a top-quality finish. We can excavate and clear subsoil/topsoil/ditches/scrub etc, and removal off-site can be arranged. We will deliver all groundworks preparation to cover our customer’s requirements. Our services cover both domestic and commercial projects.

All of our projects are centred around proper drainage and our team at Fitzpatricks is experienced in all drainage services. Drainage works are an essential part of preparing for surface works as this will ensure the longevity of the surface once it is laid. We will ensure that drainage is well-positioned and functioning for the future.

We offer a wide range of kerb products to suit the type of finish you are looking for. All kerbing supplied is available in pre-cast concrete. We are however happy to install any other type of kerbs/edging you prefer. We will prepare your site for kerbing regardless of how prepared your site is. Our kerb system gives a neat finish to your site, separating your site and adding value to your property.